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flower for algernon


flower for algernon

In flower for algernon daniel keyes conveys the theme of bullying

In flower for algernon charlie were bullying By people that were working at the factory. Because he wasn't intelligent. But he did a surgery to become really intelligent but people were still making fun. When he become intelligent he founded that people wasn't there friend. It was just people that making fun of him but he didnt notice.


I think that the lesson he tried to teach use is that even if someone is not intelligent and he became really intelligent if you don't like him you will not be nice to him and you will use this has an excuse.                            

We had a lot of fun at the factory today. Joe Carp said hey look where Charlie had his operashun what did they do Charlie put some brains in. I was going to tell him but I remembered Dr Straaid no.uss s .


I dont understand people in the factory are making fun about me and they are laughting i think that they are not my friend.            


I restart working to the factory and every one start signing a petition to make me fired it is not nice i think i am not supposed to go to the factory anymor.


People think that bullying is always the right answers but no because people is killing themself because of this. It is really not what people should think like that because it is a real probleme expeculie at school.



The conclusion is that bullying is not good for anyone and people can suicide or move city because of that and people should have worth think for it and is not just kid from school adult two are bullying and is the same effect.       

Bradbury uses flashback and flashforward to provide the background in formation like when he mentioned “it had been raining for 7 years”. It helps the reader understand the girl’s sioration and the kids jealousy.